Automation QA Engineer

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  • Barcelona, Spain

Automation QA Engineer

Job description

You are the Robin to our Batman's! You are always ready to support 'the Bat’ (developer) so can bring new gadgets and we move better. Faster. Swifter. You are improving our test cycles with more automation on a daily basis and love to do so. You will work in a great team of Robin’s (yes, they also have real names, no worries!) who work together on bettering our product and its development cycles!  

Scaling the product and your skills

We are a scale-up that has a strong focus on autonomy, continuous improvements and learning, and from time to time you will be pushed out of your comfort zone to learn and gain more professional and personal growth!  

We don't just want you to "test our software" because we believe that with the right mindset you can grow together with us. And we hope that you can teach us some tricks as well so we can improve our test cycles as well! In short, we hope you can scale the product and your skills here at Safened! 


Your mission 

As an automation engineer within Safened your mission is to execute on our KYC testing strategy and create the best readable and re-usable code to make sure everybody is confident to use and handle the product!  

You make sure that Batman can ride the Bat mobile. That his gadgets are sharp, refilled and ready to use. And although our Bats push code into production and don’t hang out on the streets that much our software is working on detecting fraud and preventing it.  

In short:

  • You develop test plans and test cases based on business requirements of functional and non-functional specifications
  • You design, develop, and maintain automated tests
  • You are essential in bug reporting and tracking
  • You perform manual and automated testing of our systems
  • You build and deliver QA documentation.


Your background has made you use the Batman utility belt which includes a wide array of tools. A few of them:

  • The Batarang: The most used tool, or as we call it... Selenium WebDriver
  • Bat-stungun: stunning automation skills. Web and API / rest based!
  • Bat-darts: Azure DevOps + CI or something similar (Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc...)
  • Bat-Tracer: Performance testing
  • Bat-claw: You have worked in development teams for some time ...In JavaScript, TypeScript and at least one year in C#. Preferably 2+ years in C# / dot-bat...uhhmm, I mean .NET obviously... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Who are we? 

We are Safened – an award winning and fast growing FinTech scale-up, motivated by a vision to turn financial risk and regulatory challenges into simple and secure solutions. Simple, because we reduce complexity and offer easy-to-integrate solutions to financial institutions and platform businesses. Secure, because we enable our partners to use the world's most stable asset classes while protecting them from fraud, risk and identity theft. 

We use state of the art technology and computer vision techniques to deliver the best KYC and Deposits product available in the market. We do this with a fun and international team of like minded people that want to go fast and far. Together. 

<<<for this role we will not relocate people outside of EU (not offering sponsorship) and we prefer a person that is in Barcelona already>>>